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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tinted windows. @ccccccccccccc here is what the chief said just a short time ago. cccccccc @cccccccccccccccc@ >> they forced their way into the residence. @cccccccccccccc that cccccccccccc them @ to the community. >> investigators are trying to victim knew each other. police. >> it is the hot ticket in town. >> what would you do with the powerball jackpot? >> a lot of students or kids would not be able to go to college without those scholarships. mike: and where does the money
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helping local students pay for their education. sheree: the frenzy is more than just trying to strike it rich. mike: todd is here with more on where the money goes and how the cash benefits young people. reporter: for tens of thousands of local students, every time you buy a lottery ticket, you help them achieve your own big dream. few are proud than sophomore sarah duncan. but sarah says she would not be kentucky lottery. >> they help people like me go to college. like students across the commonwealth, there is taking advantage of the way lottery ticket sales are divvied up.
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those sales are going to fund the scholarship programs. that' go. it also packs a big bang for students. $.27 of every dollar sold is said to go toward education. >> good luck. reporter: most proceeds go to jackpot winners and others go to retail stores and administrative costs. she knows she is a thomas more saint because lottery sales help her through college. >> i would love to win. it would be great. reporter: lottery workers forecast thomas the state can expect in sales each year. you might think the current jackpot will boost coffers by a huge amount. officials say the reality is
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sales will taper off and proceeds will return to normal. mike: for some people, lady luck has already come their way. several people could be striking it rich and you don' t have to spend a dime. sheree: i know you are snatching up tickets out there. curtis: i think everyone is. these tickets normally cost two dollars. them for free today. call it a thank you of sorts. the folks that have been regular players of the lottery helping billion. for 375 people who waited in
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these folks were lucky enough to get a free ticket. >> you can see the lines. five lanes of lines. reporter: everyone dreams about the things they would do. >> i have always wanted to go to fiji. >> i would do more things than i enjoy doing. i would get a new motorcycle. tennis club. >> the first thing they would do is share the wealth. >> going to all the boys. >> an indication of how fast tickets have been selling. just for
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night in the state of kentucky, we' re told nearly 11 million were sold. 100 tickets every second were being sold. it has been busy here all day. in addition to those folks that got those tickets for free. it expects scammers to try to trick people into thinking that they' ve won smaller prizes, reaching out to people by e-mail, phone or the mail. it has happened before. they want to warn you ahead of time. just a reminder the lottery will never directly contact you about
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more powerball coverage. and the luckiest winners to play tonight. mike: a woman indicted will remain free on bond. andrew setters has the story. >> she entered a not guilty plea on all the charges. they had a couple as they pulled three children. may.
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>> we feel that it is an accident. it is a horrible accident. we intend rigorously. >> it led to an indictment on those charges. >> there is nothing i know of at this time. no substance abuse, texting, speeding, inattentiveness that we know of that would justify an indictment. >> it would be right after being charged last month. >> she feels terrible for the victims. and we have deal with this criminal situation and we intend to do that.
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>> there will be another hearing in the case. they expected to exchange discovery documents by then. sheree: new information about a west end shooting that sent three people to the hospital late last night. antoine johnson is facing several. they also accidentally shot them self. >> they died inside their home. they were on his way to school. thinking that he was an intruder.
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sheree: more than two dozen witnesses testified today. mike: the prosecution is trying to show that he basically stocked his wife and whitaker the days leading up to their deaths. how he would watch where whitaker lived. gripping the door handles. around -- self-inflicted gunshot ones that day, separated from his wife.
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>> what did you do, when the lottery? he said, i got my big truck, my pickup truck, she' s got a nice car. we' ve got a boat. i' m the happiest man there is. reporter: there :00' s -- darrell coxe made no decision on if he will testify on his own behalf. narcan program and kenton county. overdose deaths. in the last six months, officers narcan while on duty. saving lives.
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a crash involving 40 cars and some eyes. sheree: why one driver thinks he made it out alive. mike: a plan to help people in over the rhine. what the mayor says has to change before he will sign off on it. kevin: the cold and snow responsible for that 40 car pileup is on its way out. you may not feel it this evening
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sheree: people still dealing with that fallout from the 40 car pileup that shut down 74 for most of the day yesterday. mike: a sudden snow burst with white out conditions. look at this mass right across the indiana line on i 74. somewhere in the middle of it all looking at these crash scene photos and wondering how they made it through. we caught up with one man that says he can only think of one thing that saved them. >> i can' t believe i walked away alive. i think he protected everybody out there. mike: dixie people were hurt but nobody was killed. sheree: new developments in a
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the fire marshal says that they have determined what caused the fire but they are not releasing any details while the investigation is underway. so far, no one has been arrested. mike: a measure in the kentucky senate moving forward that would require a woman seeking an abortion to have an appointment with a medical professional. the state already requires women to receive counseling and wait 24 hours before having an require women to meet professional. it goes on to the full state senate. veto cranley. it' s the second time the mayor has vetoed the plan.
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it would be more than -- everyone should have access to park on the street. the spots have a greater value to taxpayers. it takes six votes to overturn the mayor' s veto. sheree: a new plan will help provide dental care for people that can' t afford it. the dental center received a $5,000 grant today. mike: frank established the store in 1971 as a way to collect not just food but other household goods as well. the funeral arrangements are still pending. a community rallying around a
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sheree: a crash left jason in critical condition. his best friend was killed. they started a gofundme page. >> he has gone through many surgeries and is in critical condition for quite a long time. sheree: the family asked the community to give blood instead.
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we have a bit of rain to deal with. it would be an upper climb. it still feels very cold. it feels like it' s 23 and 27 around florence. not as cold as it was. that temperature climb in the warm up being offset is because it is a southerly breeze. this time tomorrow evening, we
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14 hours ago, the red it really jumps out at you. 23 in st. louis. in many places out to the west, it will be building into the ohio valley tonight. here we are capturing a gorgeous sunset. there is that southerly breeze. radar is quiet. we don' t have to worry about any snow. we have a warm front developing. temperatures should jump almost
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as you go through the night tonight, don' t expect too much again. the bengal -- the warm front worked its way across the area. we have a nice-looking thursday night and tomorrow night , most of us will not drop below freezing. we want melt most of the snow out there right now. if you don' t do it tomorrow, it will probably wash away friday. it looks like the rain will get here during the afternoon and evening hours. i don' t see much more than a flurry or two possible. over the weekend, another big
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about a 20 degree jump. temperatures will be starting the morning around freezing. a flurry in here on saturday. that will be with another arctic cold front. we barely make it out of the teens. a cold starts next week. mike: not surprised by this but not surprised where he' s going. making it official tonight. sheree: the bengals offensive
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george:george: hue jackson has dawg pound in cleveland. coach in waiting here. the offensive coordinator decided to jump on the browns offer. here is a live look. this will be the second shot as a head coach. he spent 2011 as head coach of the oakland raiders. spent the last couple years as the bengals offensive coordinator. they finished seventh in the nfl in scoring. if reports are true, he does not want to deal with the johnny manziel headache. he made it clear that the browns should move on from johnny and the report says the browns told him that would not be a problem. these are the veteran offensive coaches. quarterback coach seen as a potential candidate to be bumped
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lawrence phillips was found dead in his california prison cell today. it is a suspected suicide. phillips was 40 years old and was the number six overall pick in 1996. he was charged in the murder of the death of his cellmate. the bearcats were back home tonight and face the houston team. they have dominated over the years. as elise jesse tells us, the bearcats will not recognize this houston team. elise: the cincinnati bearcats hosting a team they swept last season but houston has a much different look. and they are riding a five-game win streak coming into this matchup. >> we will have to cover. i' m not just concerned. their ability to drive the ball by us. but we have seen it.
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s why we play a tough schedule. >> this team is for real. they will have to use their suffocating defense if they want to get a win tonight. from fifth third arena, elise jesse. george: we have two games to keep an eye on. the bearcats tipping off at 7:00 at fifth third arena. top-ranked kansas last night. how about bob? he gets a $25,000 bonus. every time he beats kansas in the regular season, this is the third year in a row he' s done it. mike: he gave a hug after winning. that' s it. sheree: we'
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